CSR – mere window dressing or worth the effort?

This entry was posted by Communications Intern Hilde Faugli If you, like me, enjoy a good smoothie, you probably know about Innocent Drinks. My weakness for Innocent smoothies is of course boosted by the fact that their drinks are made from all natural ingredients. But, there is also more.  Did you watch BBC News’ On […]

Reflection on Norman Borlaug’s Green Revolution

Fascinating debate at Times Online about the merits and drawbacks of the Green Revolution. “For someone of my generation, growing up under postwar food rationing, the idea that food would always be plentiful and cheap seemed about as likely as a portable phone that you could carry around with you. For many of us the […]

Blind Alley? DFID’s policy on agriculture

Is DFID’s policy on agriculture is in danger of failing to deliver food and environmental security? “The UK Government still sees a combination of intensive farming and GM crops as the solution to hunger and malnutrition in the Global South….[their] current funding policies for agricultural research, development and extension fail to match up to the […]

Sustainable farming shrinks carbon footprint

I came across this interesting post by Laetitia Mailhes on ‘Earth from Above’: “Regenerative farming can provide us with a lot more than the delicious and healthy food that more of us are increasingly coming to love and value. Sustainable farming practices shrink the carbon footprint of agriculture AND help reduce the amount of carbon […]

“The time has come to regenerate ecosystems”

Mount Kenya Declaration on the Global Crisis and Africa’s Responsibility – Statement from the African Biodiversity Network “The time has come for national governments to prioritise the regeneration of ecosystems, self-reliant communities and diversified local economies over export oriented policies, free trade agreements and the current wave of expansion of the food system.” From 23 […]

World Environment Day

The focus for World Environment Day this year is mitigation of climate change, with the slogan ‘Your Planet Needs You.’ I would like to add to this that ‘We Need Our Planet.’ Whilst it is clearly important that we do all we can to mitigate climate change, I think we also need to think clearly […]