Motivated by Outrage?

It is time to Stand Up and Take Action against Poverty! When setting up Find Your Feet, Carol Martin declared: “I am motivated by outrage – that we, who live in plenty, do so little.”  Ten years have passed since world leaders agreed on the Millennium Development Goals. Ten years with some successes, but also […]

A better way of counting the poor?

This blog piece was posted by Communications Intern Hilde Faugli. The UNDP has just released a new indicator for measuring poverty – will it make any difference? The Multidimensional Poverty Indicator, or MPI for short, was launched earlier this month, and promises to be better suited as a tool for allocating funding for development programs […]

The Sari that protects against cholera

This piece was posted by Communications Intern Hilde Faugli. The sari, it seems, may offer more than perhaps what we usually expect of a piece of cloth. The sari, that traditional brightly coloured garment worn predominantly in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, is currently being used by innovative women in Bangladesh to filter their daily water, […]

Put People First G20 Counter Conference

Put People First G20 Counter Conference November 7, 10:00 – 17:30 Central Hall Westminster, SW1H 9NH In March, we marched in our tens of thousands to demand the G20 Put People First. Far from putting people first we’ve seen nothing but a tinkering around the margins followed by the return to business as usual. On […]

Rural Livelihoods in Africa

As a member of the UK food group we were recently sent a report on a Conference on Ecological Agriculture: ‘Mitigating Climate Change, Providing Food Security and Self-Reliance For Rural Livlihoods in Africa.’ The Conference, which included over 80 participants from 15 African countries and representatives from the AU, FAO, UNCTAD, UNEP, WFP and IAASTD, […]