More than just football?

This piece was posted by Communications Intern Hilde Faugli. The first World Cup to be hosted on the African continent ended with no African teams reaching the final stages. But does that leave Africa with nothing? Former South African President Thabo Mbeki’s aspirations for the event were by no means small.  In a letter to […]

“The time has come to regenerate ecosystems”

Mount Kenya Declaration on the Global Crisis and Africa’s Responsibility – Statement from the African Biodiversity Network “The time has come for national governments to prioritise the regeneration of ecosystems, self-reliant communities and diversified local economies over export oriented policies, free trade agreements and the current wave of expansion of the food system.” From 23 […]

Subsistence Culture

While the world plunges into crises, subsistence farming in Africa holds the key to sustainable agriculture production, not only for the region but also other parts of the world. By Tewolde B. G. Egziabher, Director General of the Environmental Protection Authority of Ethiopia, and co-founder of the Institute for Sustainable Development. I am from Africa, […]