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REDD: What would it mean for the tribal communities?

At a first glance Reducing Carbon Emissions through Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) seems to be the ideal solution for conserving the forest environment and tackling climate change, what with its attractive incentives, mutual benefits and ‘green’ goals. With its innovative approach, it plays by the rules of the free market. REDD aims to increase the […]

Put People First G20 Counter Conference

Put People First G20 Counter Conference November 7, 10:00 – 17:30 Central Hall Westminster, SW1H 9NH In March, we marched in our tens of thousands to demand the G20 Put People First. Far from putting people first we’ve seen nothing but a tinkering around the margins followed by the return to business as usual. On […]

Conservative Green Paper on International Development

“Our vision for international development, as in other areas of policy, is to achieve progressive aims through Conservative means.We believe we can bring to the fight against global poverty weapons and techniques that will make more of a difference to more people: a focus on aid effectiveness and value for money; an understanding of the […]

G20 – Building a green economy?

G20 Summit verdict The Put People First platform of charities, unions and campaign groups of which Find Your Feet is a member, has given its initial reaction the communiqué of the G20 summit. Glen Tarman of BOND, chair of Put People First, said: “The G20 appears to have made progress on some critical issues but […]