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“We need to shift away from GM”

  “The world continues to demand and rely on non-GM crops, with more than 97% of farmland producing non-GM food. The ISAAA report reveals that in many countries the appeal of GM crops is waning, and the growth they claim is heavily dependent on a handful of countries. Claims that GM crops are benefitting poor […]

Reflection on Norman Borlaug’s Green Revolution

Fascinating debate at Times Online about the merits and drawbacks of the Green Revolution. “For someone of my generation, growing up under postwar food rationing, the idea that food would always be plentiful and cheap seemed about as likely as a portable phone that you could carry around with you. For many of us the […]

‘Feeding Africa’ – Find Your Feet in The Guardian

FYF Director Dan Taylor was asked to write a comment on an article in The Guardian ‘Feeding Africa.‘ Visit the comment for a fascinating debate on the future of agriculture in Africa. In the Guardian’s editorial (Feeding Africa, 29 July) the suggestion is made that, without improved seed varieties and fertiliser, African agriculture is a […]

Sowing Autonomy: Gender and Seed Politics in semi-arid India

“Over the last five decades, seeds have slipped out of farmers’ control by gradually becoming the prerogative of breeders, genetic engineers, commercial seed growers, registered seed dealers and bureaucrats in charge of seed market regulations. Commercial seeds are developed against a background of technological control, economic efficiency and rational management. The commercialisation and adoption of […]

“The time has come to regenerate ecosystems”

Mount Kenya Declaration on the Global Crisis and Africa’s Responsibility – Statement from the African Biodiversity Network “The time has come for national governments to prioritise the regeneration of ecosystems, self-reliant communities and diversified local economies over export oriented policies, free trade agreements and the current wave of expansion of the food system.” From 23 […]

World Water Crisis

"Mixed cropping is the best method" Originally uploaded by Find Your Feet “Mixed cropping is the best method. Every crop does something to the soil and helps others to grow, either by providing safety against insects or enriching the soil with leaf fall. Further, we feel secure in the thought that if one crop fails […]

GM Crops – Should we believe in them?

Elida Zgambo, Citizen Farmer Originally uploaded by Find Your Feet Tales of intimidation My colleague Olivia recently came back from a rather disturbing GM Freeze talk by Percy Schmeiser. Percy, is a farmer from Bruno, Saskatchewan in Canada, whose Canola (rape seed) fields were contaminated with Monsanto’s Round-Up Ready Canola. He became involved in a […]

Seed Conservation

Seed Conservation Originally uploaded by Find Your Feet After a ride across London in the wind and rain to work yesterday morning, it was good to arrive to a colourful story from one of our partners in India. Being a new member of the FYF team, I love these little sources of inspiration. Our partner […]