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Be two of 50 feet!

To celebrate our 50th anniversary this year we’ll have 50 feet in the British 10k London Run on July 11th. Over the past seven years our amazing 10k teams have raised a fantastic £35,000 to support our important work with some of the poorest people in rural India and Malawi. Be a part of the […]

Towards the London Marathon

This piece was posted by Marathon runner Tim Cross This will be the second time I have done the London Marathon. It is unlike anything else I have ever done. The elation at the start and the joy of being out early with thousands of other nutters is very amusing but arriving at Canary Wharf […]

Towards the Brighton Marathon

This article was posted by Brighton Marathon runner Phil Case I ran the Bournemouth Bay Half on Sunday to get some practise running in conditions similar to what I can expect at Brighton. A couple of observations… I am glad I wore sunglasses as it was pretty bright, also many runners were running with handheld bottles of sports drink […]

Virgin London Marathon 2010

Do you want to help run poverty into the ground at the same time as running one of the world’s best-loved marathons? FYF’s entry process for the Virgin London Marathon is now open! Visit our website to download an application form!

After the Marathon

10.5.09 I still can’t believe it’s over, that i’ve done it, run my first marathon! Thinking back to Sunday 26th just brings a big smile to my face. It was one of the best experiences of my life! It’s hard to put into words everything that made the day so perfect – for me the […]

Friday before the Marathon

23.4.09 On Monday I held another fundraising night – this time a beginner’s swing dancing class, a chance for people to Find THEIR Feet on the dance floor! The night was lots of fun, everyone got into the swing of things – excuse the pun! In terms of my fundraising total, I’m now up to […]

Marathon training part 4

29.3.09 Thought it was good to get more experience running in a crowd so went and ran an organised marathon training run at Hemel Hampstead. Had to get up at the crack of dawn to make the 9.30 start but definitely worth it; even if I did forget my ipod at home and struggle through […]

Marathon training part 3

21.3.09 Woke up and the last thing I wanted to do today was run 18 miles. Running these long distances is becoming as much a psychological challenge as a physical one! After a busy week at work I would have much preferred sitting in the sunshine with the papers eating a yummy breakfast, not running […]

Marathon Training part 2

17.3.09 Woohoo, nearly upto £1000 on my justgiving page! Entries for the FYF pub quiz on the 6th April coming in thick and fast. Plans for the beginner’s swing class taking shape – don’t know whether i’m fool to hold this before the marathon. Would be just my luck to twist my ankle in the […]

Marathon training part 1

11.3.09 Woke up to sunshine and set off for a 15 mile run with a spring in my step! Decided that with these longer runs it’s just no fun repeating the same route twice so planned a route that took me all over London. Beginning at Kentish Town, I followed the Canal up to Regent’s […]