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Africa is not spending enough on food

This piece was posted by Hilde Faugli, Communications Intern at Find Your Feet.  While most talk about Africa these days centers on the World Cup in South Africa, sobering facts about the continent’s food situation have been presented in an International Food Policy Institute (IFPRI) paper entitled Public Spending for Agriculture in Africa: Trends and […]

World People’s Conference on Climate Change

This piece was posted by FYF Communications Intern Tahsina Rumman Khan. I was glad to see that, at the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba last week, the focus was finally being placed on listening to the voices of the poor. After the deep disappointment of the […]

Business as usual is not an option

As the UK election is approaching, Find Your Feet is one of the 188 organisations that joined the Vote Global manifesto. One of the key demands in the Vote Global manifesto is that the UK government support the poorest countries to adapt to and mitigate against climate change, ensuring that this funding is additional to official […]

Let farmers choose

This piece was posted by Betty, Programmes Officer, FYF UK Office Yesterday evening I attended a lecture on farming and sustainable environments at the Royal Geographical Society. It was the first of two lectures organised by the Earthwatch Institute – the second will be on the subject of forests and climate change. The Institute conducts […]

Re-evaluating tribal communities

This piece was posted by Tahsina, FYF Trusts and Communications Intern in London: Starting my voluntary position at Find Your Feet has been indeed inspiring. While I read about the key issues surrounding Find Your Feet’s projects, the programmes about Tribal People in India (adivasis) grabbed my attention, which is an issue very close to […]

Bring Back the Bees

“My group and I know the importance of honey in our daily lives. Honey can be sold to generate an income. It also acts as a source of food, has medicinal values, and we can use the wax to make candles.” Said Gondwe, Rumphi District. “The Vanishing of the Bees.” As the ‘buzz’ (bad pun […]

Reflection on Norman Borlaug’s Green Revolution

Fascinating debate at Times Online about the merits and drawbacks of the Green Revolution. “For someone of my generation, growing up under postwar food rationing, the idea that food would always be plentiful and cheap seemed about as likely as a portable phone that you could carry around with you. For many of us the […]

Blind Alley? DFID’s policy on agriculture

Is DFID’s policy on agriculture is in danger of failing to deliver food and environmental security? “The UK Government still sees a combination of intensive farming and GM crops as the solution to hunger and malnutrition in the Global South….[their] current funding policies for agricultural research, development and extension fail to match up to the […]

Sowing Autonomy: Gender and Seed Politics in semi-arid India

“Over the last five decades, seeds have slipped out of farmers’ control by gradually becoming the prerogative of breeders, genetic engineers, commercial seed growers, registered seed dealers and bureaucrats in charge of seed market regulations. Commercial seeds are developed against a background of technological control, economic efficiency and rational management. The commercialisation and adoption of […]

“The time has come to regenerate ecosystems”

Mount Kenya Declaration on the Global Crisis and Africa’s Responsibility – Statement from the African Biodiversity Network “The time has come for national governments to prioritise the regeneration of ecosystems, self-reliant communities and diversified local economies over export oriented policies, free trade agreements and the current wave of expansion of the food system.” From 23 […]