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More than just football?

This piece was posted by Communications Intern Hilde Faugli. The first World Cup to be hosted on the African continent ended with no African teams reaching the final stages. But does that leave Africa with nothing? Former South African President Thabo Mbeki’s aspirations for the event were by no means small.  In a letter to […]

Africa is not spending enough on food

This piece was posted by Hilde Faugli, Communications Intern at Find Your Feet.  While most talk about Africa these days centers on the World Cup in South Africa, sobering facts about the continent’s food situation have been presented in an International Food Policy Institute (IFPRI) paper entitled Public Spending for Agriculture in Africa: Trends and […]

World People’s Conference on Climate Change

This piece was posted by FYF Communications Intern Tahsina Rumman Khan. I was glad to see that, at the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba last week, the focus was finally being placed on listening to the voices of the poor. After the deep disappointment of the […]

Business as usual is not an option

As the UK election is approaching, Find Your Feet is one of the 188 organisations that joined the Vote Global manifesto. One of the key demands in the Vote Global manifesto is that the UK government support the poorest countries to adapt to and mitigate against climate change, ensuring that this funding is additional to official […]

Agriculture in Zimbabwe

This piece was posted by Betty, Programmes Officer, FYF UK Office On Thursday 18th March I attended a lecture by Ian Scoones of the Institute of Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies. Ian’s subject was “New land, new livelihoods: agrarian change in Zimbabwe following land reform.” I was interested to find […]

Let farmers choose

This piece was posted by Betty, Programmes Officer, FYF UK Office Yesterday evening I attended a lecture on farming and sustainable environments at the Royal Geographical Society. It was the first of two lectures organised by the Earthwatch Institute – the second will be on the subject of forests and climate change. The Institute conducts […]

International Women’s Day

This piece was posted by Betty, Programmes Officer, FYF UK Office. Yesterday I celebrated International Women’s Day in the grand setting of the House of Lords as a guest of Baroness O’Loan, DBE. I heard about the important role that women play in the fight against hunger by growing food to feed their families. Phoebe […]

“We need to shift away from GM”

  “The world continues to demand and rely on non-GM crops, with more than 97% of farmland producing non-GM food. The ISAAA report reveals that in many countries the appeal of GM crops is waning, and the growth they claim is heavily dependent on a handful of countries. Claims that GM crops are benefitting poor […]

What does Copenhagen mean to me?

FYF Director Dr Dan Taylor reflects in The Evening Standard online: We are standing at a crossroads. We look back at a period of food, fuel and finance crises, and forward to an even more uncertain future, overshadowed by the issue of global warming. The need for mitigation and adaptation in the face of long-term […]

Deliberating costs lives

There have been a couple of disheartening developments this week. The World Food Summit in Rome represents an opportunity for world leaders to address the growing food security crisis. However it looks likely that leaders will be signing a vague declaration which lacks targets or deadlines for actions to reduce global hunger. This strikes a […]