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How we changed lives with curry

As you are aware, this October was ‘Curry for Change’ month here at Find Your Feet. The idea behind this campaign was to raise money for our work through curry evenings held by our supporters. From the feedback we’ve heard, the curry evenings that were held were a great success! The quote below is from […]

World Food Day

As you might have seen on the 10th, the 2011 Global Hunger Index (GHI) report was published. The report shows that global hunger has declined since 1990, but not dramatically. The 2011 GHI fell by 26 percent from the 1990 GHI, from a score of 19.7 to 14.6. However, this score is not the same […]

International Day of Rural Women

Dalit Women from FYF’s project in of Rae Bareli District, India In the rural economies of both the developed and developing countries of the world, rural women are crucial. They participate in crop production and livelihood care, provide food, water and fuel for their families, and engage in off-farm activities to diversify their families’ livelihood. […]

National Curry Week Recipes

As I am sure you all know, this week is National Curry Week, from 9th to 15th October! To help you celebrate this week, we have collected some yummy curry recipes. To start you off, try this delicious Paneer Hariyali Tikka that serves 8 as a starter. You will need: 500g paneer 2 tablespoons ginger […]

World Day for Decent Work

Since 2008, every October 7th has been World Day for Decent Work (WDDW). The main focus of this year’s WDDW is raising awareness about the issues surrounding precarious work, which refers to non-permanent, temporary, casual, insecure and contingent forms of work. In such economically turbulent times, “decent work must be at the centre of governments’ […]

Changing Lives with Curry

As you have probably heard on our website, from our tweets and facebook posts, Find Your Feet is going curry crazy for change over the next few weeks and throughout October. But this may lead you to wonder what ‘change’ we are working towards. Let’s face it, the word gets thrown around a lot, it […]

Motivated by Outrage?

It is time to Stand Up and Take Action against Poverty! When setting up Find Your Feet, Carol Martin declared: “I am motivated by outrage – that we, who live in plenty, do so little.”  Ten years have passed since world leaders agreed on the Millennium Development Goals. Ten years with some successes, but also […]

CSR – mere window dressing or worth the effort?

This entry was posted by Communications Intern Hilde Faugli If you, like me, enjoy a good smoothie, you probably know about Innocent Drinks. My weakness for Innocent smoothies is of course boosted by the fact that their drinks are made from all natural ingredients. But, there is also more.  Did you watch BBC News’ On […]

A better way of counting the poor?

This blog piece was posted by Communications Intern Hilde Faugli. The UNDP has just released a new indicator for measuring poverty – will it make any difference? The Multidimensional Poverty Indicator, or MPI for short, was launched earlier this month, and promises to be better suited as a tool for allocating funding for development programs […]

More than just football?

This piece was posted by Communications Intern Hilde Faugli. The first World Cup to be hosted on the African continent ended with no African teams reaching the final stages. But does that leave Africa with nothing? Former South African President Thabo Mbeki’s aspirations for the event were by no means small.  In a letter to […]