Changing Lives with Curry

Sumitra Devi

As you have probably heard on our website, from our tweets and facebook posts, Find Your Feet is going curry crazy for change over the next few weeks and throughout October. But this may lead you to wonder what ‘change’ we are working towards. Let’s face it, the word gets thrown around a lot, it feels like ‘change’ has lost its real sense of action. But there are still places where ‘change’ retains a strong meaning and represents a real shift and a difference. Here at FYF, we are working towards our own interpretation of ‘change’. Our vision is of a world in which everyone is able to build a future free from poverty. We are talking about real life-changing change!

We work closely with families living in rural areas who are really struggling to break out of the poverty cycle – we believe that to develop long-term solutions to their poverty, the families we work with should be involved in their own change. As a small organisation, and working through local partners, we listen to the needs of the communities and really understand the issues they face so we can provide the right support and enable them to build a future free from hunger and poverty.  So, our ‘Change’ is always focusing on ‘long-term change

It is also surprising the number of simple solutions that can lead to a life-changing impact. With the right training and support we know families can reduce their hungry months and start to feed and support their children, and this can go on to transform a whole community! Over the course of the coming blog entries, we are going to tell the story of Sumitra Devi to show what a difference ‘change’ can make to her family and community. Sumitra is from the Lucknowyanka Purwa Village, India and was so poor that she was unable to grow enough crops to feed her family or afford medicine when her children were sick. The children in her village could not attend school or have access to clean water. Find out next week how FYF was able to help Sumitra.

Inspired to help people like Sumitra to build a better future? Get involved in Curry for Change and you can have fun with food and friends while helping to make real changes to people’s lives.

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