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Power of Poo - Donate to our work in Zimbabwe

See the Difference has now been launched! See The Difference is a not-for-profit video site where you can literally see the difference you make to specific charity projects.

By donating to Find Your Feet’s work through See the Difference you’ll be able see exactly where your money goes and will learn about the Difference you have made through feedback on the project you’ve donated to.

We are fundraising for two projects – for work with Lead Farmers in Zimbabwe and for our work with weavers in Varanasi.

Launched in June 2010 with support from over 150 UK charities large and small See The Difference was created in response to the demand from UK donors to know exactly where their money goes and to See The Difference it makes. Research of over 2,000 UK consumers in December 2009 found that 51% of people would give more to charity if they knew exactly where their money goes.

See The Difference aims to help charities engage more deeply with the 23 million strong “Facebook generation”. It has pioneered low cost video film-making and uses social media and a cutting edge “cloud” based platform to engage audiences and share their favourite video stories.


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