Monthly Archives: June 2010

Africa is not spending enough on food

This piece was posted by Hilde Faugli, Communications Intern at Find Your Feet.  While most talk about Africa these days centers on the World Cup in South Africa, sobering facts about the continent’s food situation have been presented in an International Food Policy Institute (IFPRI) paper entitled Public Spending for Agriculture in Africa: Trends and […]

See the Difference

See the Difference has now been launched! See The Difference is a not-for-profit video site where you can literally see the difference you make to specific charity projects. By donating to Find Your Feet’s work through See the Difference you’ll be able see exactly where your money goes and will learn about the Difference you […]

The Sari that protects against cholera

This piece was posted by Communications Intern Hilde Faugli. The sari, it seems, may offer more than perhaps what we usually expect of a piece of cloth. The sari, that traditional brightly coloured garment worn predominantly in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, is currently being used by innovative women in Bangladesh to filter their daily water, […]

Forests: Repairing the Natural World

June 5th is World Environment Day. A couple of days ago UNEP published a report, in the lead up to WED making an Economic Case for Repairing the Natural World. The report cites the fact that, in Vietnam “planting and protecting nearly 12,000 hectares of mangroves has cost just over $1 million but saved annual […]