Towards the London Marathon

This piece was posted by Marathon runner Tim Cross

Tim running 10k for FYF

This will be the second time I have done the London Marathon. It is unlike anything else I have ever done. The elation at the start and the joy of being out early with thousands of other nutters is very amusing but arriving at Canary Wharf and running through the crowds there to cheer you on is truly incredible.

It can be a pretty painful experience at times though, and it is at times like this that running for Find Your Feet really spurs me on!

I first worked for FYF 19 years ago, in India and then in Zimbabwe and Malawi. 4 years later I returned to England and became a trustee of FYF and 4 years ago I became Chairman, stepping down last October.

I have been out to see that work that we do and it is truly amazing. For me the greatest thing we do is to open up opportunities to the poorest of the rural poor. We show them that by working together they can solve not just the problems they have today but any new problems that arise in the future. That is real self sufficiency and I have seen communities transformed by self belief and a little help from FYF. We give them the start and it makes such a difference.

 Another great thing about money raised at events like this is that FYF can use it to gain further funding from governments. It’s called matched funding and FYF can get up to 10 times more by using this kind of donated money, so it can make a massive difference. 

Tim in India

A few tips for other Marathon runners out there: Definitely get carb loading over these final few days – it really helps. Loos at the start were really sparse last time which is fine for the blokes but more of an issue for the girls (having said that everyone seems to stop anywhere along the route!). The Lucozade supplies at every 5 miles are all you need but all that sugar can play havoc with your guts. The water comes in bottles and there is always plenty of it but make sure you don’t tread on the bottles as you will easily twist your ankle. Take paracetamol before you head out and get your friends/family to have some more for you along the route.

The most important thing is not to head out too quickly from the start. The excitement of getting running is too much for the crowd and it tends to sprint. Get into your pace right from the start despite the fact that everyone is running past you. You will be running past all of them after 15 miles. It’s a long run – don’t go off too fast!

The day after you will be completely wiped out. And probably the day after that as well but its worth it and you will be so grateful for the crowd that cheered you round that you will go back next year to support, I guarantee it!

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