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REDD: What would it mean for the tribal communities?

At a first glance Reducing Carbon Emissions through Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) seems to be the ideal solution for conserving the forest environment and tackling climate change, what with its attractive incentives, mutual benefits and ‘green’ goals. With its innovative approach, it plays by the rules of the free market. REDD aims to increase the […]

Towards the Brighton Marathon

This article was posted by Brighton Marathon runner Phil Case I ran the Bournemouth Bay Half on Sunday to get some practise running in conditions similar to what I can expect at Brighton. A couple of observations… I am glad I wore sunglasses as it was pretty bright, also many runners were running with handheld bottles of sports drink […]

Agriculture in Zimbabwe

This piece was posted by Betty, Programmes Officer, FYF UK Office On Thursday 18th March I attended a lecture by Ian Scoones of the Institute of Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies. Ian’s subject was “New land, new livelihoods: agrarian change in Zimbabwe following land reform.” I was interested to find […]

Let farmers choose

This piece was posted by Betty, Programmes Officer, FYF UK Office Yesterday evening I attended a lecture on farming and sustainable environments at the Royal Geographical Society. It was the first of two lectures organised by the Earthwatch Institute – the second will be on the subject of forests and climate change. The Institute conducts […]

International Women’s Day

This piece was posted by Betty, Programmes Officer, FYF UK Office. Yesterday I celebrated International Women’s Day in the grand setting of the House of Lords as a guest of Baroness O’Loan, DBE. I heard about the important role that women play in the fight against hunger by growing food to feed their families. Phoebe […]

“We need to shift away from GM”

  “The world continues to demand and rely on non-GM crops, with more than 97% of farmland producing non-GM food. The ISAAA report reveals that in many countries the appeal of GM crops is waning, and the growth they claim is heavily dependent on a handful of countries. Claims that GM crops are benefitting poor […]

Re-evaluating tribal communities

This piece was posted by Tahsina, FYF Trusts and Communications Intern in London: Starting my voluntary position at Find Your Feet has been indeed inspiring. While I read about the key issues surrounding Find Your Feet’s projects, the programmes about Tribal People in India (adivasis) grabbed my attention, which is an issue very close to […]