Deliberating costs lives

There have been a couple of disheartening developments this week.
The World Food Summit in Rome represents an opportunity for world leaders to address the growing food security crisis. However it looks likely that leaders will be signing a vague declaration which lacks targets or deadlines for actions to reduce global hunger.

This strikes a familiar tune. Time has apparently run out for securing a legally binding climate deal at Copenhagen. On Sunday Barak Obama backed plans to delay a formal pact on climate change until next year. This will have a serious effect on food security. As UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon said in his opening speech at the World Food Summit “there can be no food security without climate security.”

1 in 6 people on the planet are already facing life-threatening hunger. Lack of targets and delayed deadlines could spell disaster for many more people living in developing countries. These aren’t just statistics – these are people’s lives.

Help challenge this situation! Here are a few things you can do. They may not seem significant but they are all a part of a vital wave for change.
• Make sure that the voices of some of the world’s poorest people are heard: Embed/ post/ e-mail a link our video ‘Climate change: Listening to the voices of rural women’
• Participate in The Wave on December 5th.
• Find out where The Age of Stupid is showing near you and go along with all your friends.


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