Conservative Green Paper on International Development

“Our vision for international development, as in other areas of policy, is to achieve progressive aims through Conservative means.We believe we can bring to the fight against global poverty weapons and techniques that will make more of a difference to more people: a focus on aid effectiveness and value for money; an understanding of the importance of wealth creation and the means to foster it; a recognition that security is the precondition for sustainable development and hard-headed proposals to improve conflict resolution.” One World Conservatism – A Conservative Green Paper.

Aid agencies have already attacked this Green Paper saying that it could increase the dependency on aid of the world’s poor.

Instead of questioning the policies that have led to the crisis, the Conservatives risk worsening its impact for the world’s poor. “More liberalised trade, more privatisation, more multinational corporations and more exposure to volatile capital markets – the very steps that have caused the worst economic crisis in a generation. The millions of people reeling from the effects of this crisis do not want more of the same.” (Nick Dearden, Director of Jubilee Debt Campaign)

Meanwhile Christian Aid issued a statement saying that the Conservatives had “not yet fully articulated their understanding of what causes and sustains poverty.” They warned of “a risk that short-term, micro projects get undue support because they are easier to evaluate than large-scale, long-term work for social change.”


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