Monthly Archives: July 2009

Blind Alley? DFID’s policy on agriculture

Is DFID’s policy on agriculture is in danger of failing to deliver food and environmental security? “The UK Government still sees a combination of intensive farming and GM crops as the solution to hunger and malnutrition in the Global South….[their] current funding policies for agricultural research, development and extension fail to match up to the […]

Conservative Green Paper on International Development

“Our vision for international development, as in other areas of policy, is to achieve progressive aims through Conservative means.We believe we can bring to the fight against global poverty weapons and techniques that will make more of a difference to more people: a focus on aid effectiveness and value for money; an understanding of the […]

Back to Business? – the G8 Food Security Initiative

It is expected that the G8 states will be signing up to a new food security initiative this Friday (10th July 2009), with the aim of replacing food aid with more sustainable aid to farmers in the developing world. The US and Japan will lead the way on this initiative, providing $6-8 billion of the […]

Quotas for women in Panchayats

In 1992 the Indian parliament passed the 73rd Amendment to the constitution for rural local bodies (panchayats.) This gave 33% reservation of seats for women in all three tiers of the Panchayati Raj. Questions remain however as to whether or not this affirmative action is sufficient to ensure the participation of women in the public […]