After the Marathon



I still can’t believe it’s over, that i’ve done it, run my first marathon! Thinking back to Sunday 26th just brings a big smile to my face. It was one of the best experiences of my life! It’s hard to put into words everything that made the day so perfect – for me the whole experience from start to finish was just amazing. The positive energy, strength and determination of the runners matched with the devotion, good will and generosity of all the supporters created this incredible atmosphere! Unlike my training runs where I’d get to half way and then count down every mile to the end, my mind was constantly distracted by the cheering crowds, the live music and amusing fancy dress runners. Knowing friends and family were at various points along the way also made a huge difference, it was a bit like “Where’s Wolly” trying to pick them out from all the friendly, encouraging faces but I managed it on a few occasions and this really spurred me on.

Alex at mile 13

Mad as it may seem, I actually enjoyed the last 13 miles more than the first, both mentally and physically! Before I got to Tower Bridge (just before mile 13) we were a lot more compact and I was running at a slower pace than normal, occasionally having to speed up and slow down to over take! However after that point, the further I ran the more space there was on the streets and joyfully I began to run at a more natural pace. Encouraged by the fact that my left leg was behaving, the further I ran the more elated I felt. Reaching mile 20 (the longest I’d ever run before) I did experience a slight feeling of nausea and began to feel a few aches and pains but comparative to previous runs I was in a much better state and from here to the finish line I felt a profound sense of euphoria. Running the last few miles along the Embankment and up to the Mall, I was struck not only by my own sense of well being but the achievement of everyone else around me and the wide reaching positive effects this day would have for so many.

With the FYF team!

There is no doubt that training and running a marathon wouldn’t have been half as fulfilling had I not been running for Find Your Feet. Knowing that families in India and Malawi would also benefit from my experience was a huge motivation and gave real meaning to the challenge. I feel really fortunate to have had the opportunity to run for a charity, the fundraising process although initially a little daunting has turned out to be one of the more fun aspects – it’s taught me a lot about myself and given me great hope! If anyone is thinking of running a marathon, I say do it! It’s amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind to it!


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