Friday before the Marathon


On Monday I held another fundraising night – this time a beginner’s swing dancing class, a chance for people to Find THEIR Feet on the dance floor! The night was lots of fun, everyone got into the swing of things – excuse the pun! In terms of my fundraising total, I’m now up to around £2500 and hopefully there will still be more to come.

I can’t believe the marathon is now only days away – having tapered my training these last few weeks I’ve had more time to think about the big day and nerves are starting to kick in! I went to Excel last night to collect my running number and it all suddenly felt much more real. To think that all the thousands of people making their way there have been like me and been gearing up for this event for many months, each one of us running for our own different reasons. Just collecting my number gave me an adrenalin rush so who knows how I’ll feel come Sunday!

Weather wise things are looking good, I can’t believe I’m rejoicing in the fact that the warm weather is set to end come the weekend! I know it may be more fun for the spectators to watch us in hot sunshine but it wouldn’t be any fun for us runners. Talking of spectators, it sounds as if friends and family are going to be dotted along the route at various points – it’s the last 6 miles that I’m most anxious about so I hope a few are stationed there! I have a feeling my left leg is going to give me some trouble along the way so I’m hoping the shouts and cheers from the crowds will help push me along and across the finish line. Right now I’m feeling both excited and daunted by the challenge that lies ahead but I think that’s a good way to be and I’m sure there are plenty of other first time marathon runners feeling just the same!


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