Marathon training part 4

Thought it was good to get more experience running in a crowd so went and ran an organised marathon training run at Hemel Hampstead. Had to get up at the crack of dawn to make the 9.30 start but definitely worth it; even if I did forget my ipod at home and struggle through numerous aches and pains along the way! With lots of hills to tackle and no music and cheering crowds to encourage me along, this was the hardest run I’ve done so far and brought home the enormity of the challenge that lies ahead.

I have to admit that I’ve got to the point where long runs at the weekend are no longer much fun! Running anything over 2 hours requires a degree of forward planning and self-discipline and that can get a little boring and anti-social after a while. Today’s 20 miler completely knackered me out, didn’t make it to friends for lunch in the end as I was just too tired. Left leg playing up a bit, hope it’s nothing serious.

Tonight I held a pub quiz to further my fundraising efforts for Find Your Feet. Evening was a great success, around 80 people took part and together we raised £420. Fortunately I’d delegated the role of quiz master to a friend of a friend, an old hand at these sort of things, and he did a fantastic job. Leg still not right.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Decided to go and see a physio about my leg as it’s not feeling any better. Don’t want to risk doing anything now that might jeopardise my place in the marathon – that would be miserable! Diagnosis not so bad – could be worse. Apparently all the running has made my pelvis tilt so one leg has become longer than the other, causing extra tension and pressure down one side. Fortunately the physio was able to work some miracles (not pain free miracles I might add) and after a few pulls here and there he was able to re-align it. He also threw in some acupuncture and a soft tissue massage for good measure, lucky me, more pain! Have to go back next Wednesday but in the meantime I can continue with my training. Phew!


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