Marathon training part 1


Woke up to sunshine and set off for a 15 mile run with a spring in my step! Decided that with these longer runs it’s just no fun repeating the same route twice so planned a route that took me all over London. Beginning at Kentish Town, I followed the Canal up to Regent’s Park, ran round there a little way before breaking off towards Hyde Park and then from Hyde Park I ran to Battersea Park via South Ken – tempted to stop running and join the queue for The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award exhibition at the Natural History Museum but didn’t. It’s on until the 26th April – the day of the Marathon – so there’s still time!

Had a funny experience with a young man with a video camera who came running up beside me – he wanted some footage of me running with a word stuck on my back! He’d already recorded other words in a variety of random places and left with just a few more to do, i saw now harm in helping. Running up and down the street with the word “for” on my back only took a minute and it was only once I’d left him and his words behind did I wonder about the significance of it all. Guess I’ll never know but at least the next few miles went by unnoticed whilst I was lost in thought…

Sunday’s run also taught me to stick to what I know, ie don’t divert from the original plan. Only I was to blame when I reached the 15 mile mark and was still half an hour away from home! The last few miles were a real slog, a reminder that the marathon is not just a physical challenge but a mental one too!


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