Monthly Archives: February 2009

Organic Production….where’s the profit in that?

Christina Gomba Originally uploaded by Find Your Feet “I like using compost because it’s cheaper than fertiliser. The manure helps to keep the nutrients in the soil. I like to farm organically. I think it’s better for the health of my family. When I compare the yields before I learnt these new techniques from (FYF […]

Feeding the world – Thinking about the ways forward

Lead farmers Originally uploaded by Find Your Feet I recently came across an article on povertynewsblog that made the following stark statement: “the government of Malawi clams the country grows enough food to feed their people. However, studies show that hunger is increasing in the country…. A recent nutritional survey says approximately 30 percent of […]

Learning from the Environmentalism of the Poor

Adivasi Woman, Uttarakhand Originally uploaded by Find Your Feet Our India office recently sent us the encouraging news that the Uttarakhand state government (India) will fully implement the Forest Rights Act 2006. As a result the tribal people of Uttarakhand will finally regain access to the land on which their livelihood and way of life […]