Monthly Archives: December 2008

The power of participation

We kicked off our FYF team planning day on Monday this week by asking ourselves what we had done to make a real difference over the past year. It was a very satisfying process, and clarified for me all that I have been learning over the past seven months about why Find Your Feet is […]

Rural Livelihoods in Africa

As a member of the UK food group we were recently sent a report on a Conference on Ecological Agriculture: ‘Mitigating Climate Change, Providing Food Security and Self-Reliance For Rural Livlihoods in Africa.’ The Conference, which included over 80 participants from 15 African countries and representatives from the AU, FAO, UNCTAD, UNEP, WFP and IAASTD, […]

Welcome to Find Your Feet’s blog!

We will regularly post updates and opinion on issues that are important to us such as sustainable agriculture, rural poverty, tribal and dalit people in India, local knowledge and more! Each of the five members of the FYF UK team visits our projects in India and Malawi every year – so we’ll update the blog […]